It took almost a year, but we finally did it!

This little faery tale of three short stories was somehow hijacked by a virus, haha!

As things slowed in the publishing/printing world, my dream of a spring release vanished. There were all kinds of obstacles, changes of publishing platforms, but good things come to those who wait.

My loves, ‘Tessa and the Faeries’ is available in hardcover for your little one! (An e-book is still in the works as soon as Amazon gets their ducks in a row)

Faery tales, for me, are incredibly nourishing for a child’s imagination, and teach valuable life lessons. Myths and tales inform us of deep archetypal wisdom – as an adult, I am still learning from them.

Tessa was the first series I wrote, almost ten years ago now, accompanied by the talented artwork of my friend and colleague Gaia Orion.

Adventure with Tessa in ‘Wellie Wednesday’, ‘Turnip Tuesday’ and ‘Sunflower Sunday’, as she befriends her faery friend, Lucinda, and explores the magic of the unseen world.

Link here to purchase, and thank you for supporting an indie author!

This little book that had to climb a mountain, and it was worth it.

For children of all ages. Reading level Early Readers 6 -8. ???

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**Faery oracle cards in image: Sulamith Wulfing

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