I sit here listening to the hooting of an owl, communicating it’s welcome to the rising full moon. December 12, 2016. The last great portal of the year. A super moon on the cusp of Mercury’s Retrograde – we are delving into the mystic tonight! All portals to the Numinous are wide open and we are welcomed into the court of the Fey King and Queen. Take this opportunity my loves to connect with what is truly real. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Everything that we chase and desire is a shadow play on our true destiny…to remember our sacredness and live LOVE on this earthly plane. We are luminous. We are stardust. We are consciousness incarnate. Open at heart center and feel the drumbeat of your ancestors. Feel your heritage as light beings. This portal, open for six days, is a glimpse at our birthplace in the milky way and can strengthen humanity at this crucial time in history. We are one. Let us remember this.