How is it with you Wild One?

Here on Van Isle, we are slipping quite smoothly into Autumn, the rains have begun. With that come the colors and the energy of impending darkest of days.


I hope that you and yours are safe, warm and healthy. That is my prayer for you. During these Covid times, it has been the simple moments that have mattered most, and the intangibles we so often take for granted – like that feeling one gets when they know they are free to just pick up and go visit a loved one.

This Dark/New Moon is cloaked in retrogrades. Are you feeling the pull of the dark goddess, insisting that we allow the inward journey? I am. With Samhain just around the proverbial corner, we are in the thick of it now – what are we to banish today?

I wrote a little somethin’ for you about this moon and some ideas for moving forward. It begins like this…

“If you want to know the deepest, darkest, wisest corner of your soul, you must come to my house.

Follow the narrow path winding through the valley of all your past experiences, the wind howling hell-song in your ears, the mountains calling your name. You must surrender your bones to the whispers of gathering rain, and sink your feet into the mud of remembering.

Wise One, there is a fire burning in your belly, and I have one burning in the hearth. Candles are aflame, a kettle simmers with potent herbs. Runes grace the table of our meeting. Walk the wilderness of your heart with me, open the door to your inner knowing, lay down your ancient sword. Unlace your ribs, breathe the air of becoming.

Sit with me, I am wisdom. I am you.” ~ Wisdom Speaks

Read the rest here.



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