Women, in their inherent sacredness, embody the mystery and beauty of Nature.

We express exquisitely what Gaia cycles through as days turn to nights and weeks turn into months, as seasons change and weather treats us to her whims and moods.

So don’t be surprised that you are moving like the heavens across the landscape of all that is. To your lover, you may be a constant dance of questions and answers, sometimes like the Wind; moving clouds and mountains with ease, or sometimes like the Sun; your wisdom lighting up dark corners of the world, or sometimes like the Moon; emotional and pouring yourself live lava, hot embers or cooling shadows, as it pleases you.

There is no need to hide yourself as you truly are; because Shakti calls you to your purpose. You are safer now than you have ever been. No more hiding in the woods, no more hushing your voice or lowering your eyes.

Stardust Woman, it is time. Open to the vastness of your heart. Let it beat wild and loud, raise your voice in song, scream if you need to, there is room for your expression.

Stardust Woman, you Are, and that is enough.