My loves, there are no co-incidences on this plane.

With the energy of the Spring Equinox still upon us, we enter with Luna into a fullness that has brought us a painful reminder of the low frequency of Fear.

Today’s bombings in Brussels are no surprise to my guides who were already at my consciousness when I awoke. In a previous post, I shared their wisdom about how 2016, a 9 year, would gestate with a powerful energy from Mercury’s Retrograde until the Equinox.

While the time between then and now has been relatively short, we have felt more than ever, and experienced headaches, mood swings, depression, loneliness, apathy, loss of appetite, anger, frustration…and a deep need to hide away.

This is all normal, as we flow with Gaia and spiritual fluctuations – humanity is on a constant ebb and flow of learning. Mostly, we are learning to transmute fear into love, but in times like the past few months, it has been easy to just slip into fear and stay there. While everything has been pointing to possibilities, to inner growth and manifested visions, we’ve been trying to stay afloat in an emotional quagmire.

Among my visions for this year, were incidents like this, which happen at times when Love is awakening in more hearts than ever before. Why? Because on this planet of dualities, there is a balancing act that happens between opposing forces, and when one makes great strides forward (like Love is doing now) there is a push back from Fear, which senses it’s own demise.

While it saddens me greatly to know that some years are cradles for natural disasters and violent outbreaks more than others, I cling to the joy of knowing that the planet is on a trajectory towards great positive change.

I have two clear messages from my guides which they deem appropriate for this Full Moon. Again, for the rest of the year, we will be in full active phase of manifesting. As of tomorrow, we will be past any birthing we should have done and now the work before us is bringing to life what we need for our own physical incarnations and also any work that will affect the globe. Earth Builders and Light Workers alike will make great strides with inventions, art, music, environmental work, peace building, etc. And we are all of the Light!

Personal work continues, meaning, if you wish to change the world, change yourself. This is and always will be our most important work, our most meaningful, it is why we are here.

So now, for the messages: I’m not going to dilute them, because that would be of no value to you. On a day like today, this news may seem unjust, but it is for our highest learning and we are ready. So straight from the Source:

  1. Those who commit crimes, wage war, acts of terrorism, etc. are not going to hell or some purgatory, or whatever agony we might wish upon them as a punishment.

Everything on the Other Side, is Love and Light. When souls go back home, it is straight to the Light. They receive loving care to ease them out of the horrors they experienced and/or perpetuated here, because for EVERY SINGLE SOUL, to come here and experience FEAR is a great trauma. Every soul comes here voluntarily, to experience something they could never on the Other Side. While some come to experience trauma others agree to be part of that experience. This takes a great degree of sacrifice for a soul made only of Love.

So, there will be no suffering for those who bomb others? Yes, they suffer, while incarnated and being void of Love, they suffer while committing their acts, they will suffer whatever consequences they encounter here as a result of their actions…but once they go home, they return to who they were before they were detached from the Matrix.

Why do my guides share this knowledge? Because it is to our benefit to operate out of love and compassion, forgiveness and empathy, rather than anger.

To transmute Fear, we must, absolutely must, be Love. Especially to those who know only Fear.

There is no way to change them, unless we change ourselves. And this is one of the hardest parts of being human, offering love to those who hurt us.While there most certainly should be consequences, there must be room for them in heart space.

What sense would it make for those souls to experience more hell on returning Home? In what state would they return to their next incarnation? It is like our current prison system, hurting people in, hurting people out.

Love has to have the last word. Peace begins in heart space. Can you send love out today, to those who hurt you most?

2. To incarnate into a physical body, we must adjust to a very low frequency, one that we are not used to at Home. Until the age of seven or so, we still remember many aspects of our Spirit Selves. After that, we continue on in a kind of dream, where we are on a road to Remembering.

Unfortunately, we become so embroiled in the day to day aspects of life that we leave little room for remembering.

Here is the Full Moon Challenge for all of us; to revisit how we raise our children, and how we live as adults, with our spiritual quest a priority.

We can even find enjoyable ways to do this. Art, Music, Exercise, Sport, Sex, and Nature.

My guides say that in other dimensions, other planets, these activities are considered the highest of callings. Now, this is the only planet where we have to actually work to be fed and clothed, which is a challenge, I admit.

But if we even make a quarter turn in the way we view our incarnation. What if we raised children who experienced the wonder of the Universe, men who knew that their spirituality was the greatest part of their masculinity and women who understood themselves as Goddess?

What if we honored the Wild? What if we stood back and said, I already am All, I don’t need have it all.

This Full Moon promises the actualization of our visions, it has been spoken of since the year began.

And today, as everyday, we start with the same opportunity…to be Love.

That is all that we need to remember. I leave you with these things to Ponder.

Full Moon Blessings!