Wild Ones, the year draws to a close shortly, under the last Full Moon in Cancer, while we celebrate the holy days of Solstice and Yule.

I have a deep, warm space in my heart for this Pagan holiday, it takes us from the depths of our darkness to  awakening into possibility.

I love the embrace of darker colors, nourishing foods, the company, the glittering lights and the scents of forest and spice-laden baking.

Although I crave the darker days of winter, by Solstice my soul is already stirring, seeking those first rays of light.

Some of you may be celebrating Summer Solstice, and if you are, you will be spiraling the other way, towards darker days. Either way, we are creatures of continual  ebb and flow, always turning with the sun.

Our internal sun rises and sets in a similar fashion, each day, month and year.

This moon is indeed incredibly magical and rare as it aligns with Solstice, a time of polarity. We can use this energetic synchronicity to be mindful of the balance within each of us between the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

Another synchronicity is that the Sun enters Capricorn; tradition and structure, which follows our more free-floating experience of womb-time during these darkest of days. We can harness that structure to give bones to our dreams, which began in a very etheric dimension.

This full moon carries us all the way to January 5th’s Solar Eclipse. There is time to unfold, Wild Ones.

If the skies are clear, you may be able to view the Ursid Meteor Shower on the nights of the 22nd and 23rd as well! The gifts of the season are many.

While you dance with empowerment under the star filled skies, ready to launch new visions and strong in your evolution since this time last year, take time to practice gratitude and perhaps write down what changes have occurred during 2018?


Here are more magical insights via TulaFae, Wise Woman and Astrologer;

2018 has been a year of releasing, beginning as a full moon in Cancer on January 1st 2018.

It has shown you the deepest aspect of yourself through consecutive powerful transits. Firstly, this year, all planets have gone retrograde, some of them even back to back. In essence, shaking your conception of yourself to the core by showing you all the situations and circumstances that need to be changed, released, and dissolved.

Now the winter solstice is also the full moon in Cancer; the last effort of the cosmic forces to shake you clean of all the pressures 2018 brought to the forefront.

It has been a year of transition within your home, the ways in which you nurture yourself and your environments, the way you relate to money, and your beliefs.

This full moon solstice gives you insight on how far you have come – and where we are going with awareness. Awareness in past mistakes that have kept you out of integrity of fulfilling the ideal you are striving to achieve.

It signifies the beginning of coming out of the time of your deepest inner work by aiding you in making connections, which assist you in getting beyond your limitations and illusions; those that have been nestled deep in your soul.

This full moon is that lovingly awakening from the mother – the type where you are almost late for class, and she has tried every way to gently and quietly nudge you awake – but you still snooze. So she uses her voice with urgency and volume. Now you hear and feel that call of urgency from the fog of daze, knowing you must prepare quickly for the dawn of the new day ahead of you packed with tasks and responsibilities to fulfill.

The space between Sagittarius and Capricorn is where the galactic center point exists. The black hole at the center of our galaxy resides in this space. This full moon is not only aligned with the solstice, it is the solstice full moon that is aligned with the galactic center point. It if a time of reflection. You can cast out these old beliefs and limitations and then be yourself and conduct the deepest soul cleaning in this space, cutting cords, ties and limitations into this reservoir that is the center of our galaxy.

The deepest roots of karma are being witnessed as the limiting thoughts and believes you carry around in your heart and your mind. It is coming to the surface for you to look at, and you have the choice to bring the illumination of consciousness to these patterns held by your ancestors and your past life. You can choose to end the perpetuation now by moving forward with consistency, integrity, and action.

This is a time of your deepest soul cleanse of 2018. Take time to yourself, in the dark to sit with your thoughts, your heart, and a pen. The gift that the cosmos bring this solstice is the gift of Telesis -the forward progression executed and planned with intelligence.

Every moment is complete within itself in the center of the universe – the blackhole holds a space free of timelines, dimensions, and lifetimes.

In your awareness of two things: the exoteric – acknowledging where you too easily follow impulses and give mental energy to illusions of fear and perfection, plus the esoteric – the internal realms that bring balance to your inner being and consciousness; you can uncover the gem the 2018 has produced within from all the pressures and strains of the past year.

In the illumination of this self-realized information, you will walk into 2019 empowered by your sacred divinity.

TulaFae is a well-being coach, astrologer, yoga teacher, world traveler, and a candidate pursuing a license in naturalistic medicine. Her work uncovers blocks in the energy, mental, and physical bodies by illuminating the blueprint of each soul set in and individual’s star charts. She helps others connect to their purpose in life through astrology, meditation, and essential oils. Dissolving confusion and delays of desire by using the body and mind to get tuned into one’s inner compass with harmony and trust.

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ART: Kate Crossley/Winter hare and moon/unsplash