Shakti was taught to lower her eyes

To hide her truth, to speak on command…

To doubt the wisdom that burned in her breast, to bow to power – to cry silent tears in the shadows of her pain

Her fire was doused

Her kindness abused

But Shakti returns with forgiveness in her heart

Teach me Shakti, I bow to your gifts

I am broken open by the expansiveness of your soul

Your path is my path, your kindness my healing balm

Shakti, dance on the grave of my hurts

Uncover me, set me free, teach me abandon

Shakti, dance on the grave of my fear

Shakti, let us ride on the dragons of centuries past – spread your wings and fly me to places my heart has never known

Shakti, my sister, I am ready to learn

Image: pinterest/tumblr/blessedwildapplegirl.com