Hola my loves!

This month’s full moon in Pisces is influenced by the zodiac of Uranus – a planet which brings much needed excitement and possibility to the arena of our human experience, and the constellation of Aquarius where it actually sits in the sky.

At full moon, the focus is family, love, personal relationships, home. The tension arises between our needs and wants… which will win? But wait! This is the month of Equinox, so perhaps a balance of the two will be the wisest choice.

Our heightened emotions at full moon can be nothing if not exasperating. We need to pick our battles, or, in a more positive viewpoint – find compromise where possible, and tend to disagreements with an honest and compassionate perspective.

Venus squares Mars this moon, so perhaps counting to ten before responding in anger would be beneficial. For the inevitable frustrations that flare when emotions are high, an agreement to let the little things slide is just the kinder route.

Trust your intuition if bigger decisions need to be made with finances or relationships now. Your subconscious holds a wealth of information you may need at this time… tap in during dream-time or in meditation.

Full Moon is a perfect time to release.

I have a fave way to let go of things that feel heavy or unrelenting. You may like it too! It’s perfect for watery Pisces or even the water-bearer, Aquarian energy.


Candles, music, essential oils, dry skin brush, Epsom/sea salts, organic body cream.

Run a big, luxurious bath using the oils and salts.

Light your candles, arrange your music, crystals and something nice to put on after the bath (if anything).

Use the skin brush to stimulate your cells and lymphatic system.

Spend uninterrupted, sensual time in the bath, resting, dreaming, playing.

Near the end, allow your mind to drift to anything you wish to release from this last moon cycle or whenever. This could be one thing or many – what is rising up for release?

Set the intention that you are releasing it for good.

When you’re ready, lift the bathtub stopper. Feel the pull of gravity as the water flows down, down, down.

Stay in the tub until all the water is gone. Imagine that whatever you are releasing is literally draining from your body, your cells.

Thank the living water for assisting you and taking care of what you’re releasing.

As an extra measure, splash or shower clean water over yourself, and finish the ritual by intentionally massaging body oil or cream into your skin.

Rest. Journal.

What I love about this ritual is that you can really feel the release. It’s magic. Emotions, water, moon, ritual… it’s just feels like they all should go together, right?

Moon blessings Beloveds.

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