When Scorpio falls in love, it is with intensity.

There is no doubt that life and love with a Scorpio can be incredibly rewarding and fun.

In my article “How to Seduce and Love a Scorpio,” I wrote that this magnetic sign is capable of bewitching a lover and bringing out their passion, but they are also capable of some more negative traits such as possessiveness, jealousy and lack of communication.

The sign of Scorpio rules over death, rebirth and the sexual organs. As such it is considered an Alchemist.

Alchemy speaks of transmutation, a skill that begins with one element and ends with another, much like death is simply a journey towards re-birth and new beginnings.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ (not) Mahatma Gandhi 

That quote is pure alchemy, and Scorpio can learn much from it, finding what she needs within herself to increase her chances at being successful in love.

Scorpio, when at her best, is capable of great advancement from one state of being to another. Therefore, if she is entrenched in one or more of her more negative emotional states, she has the magic to ascend to more positive states of mind and being.

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