Sunday 29, 12.11 a.m.

This Moon in Scorpio brings what Scorpio is best at…Transformation, Self-Reflection – especially into our shadows, emotions, relationships and with it purging, purifying and from there, moving forward with fire and conviction,

Scorpio is most comfortable with darkness, and while the veil is thin on a full moon, we also tap into the powerful magic of Beltane (May 1 is the Solar version), a dynamic festival of fire and courtship/fertility.

We may at this time court our dreams, our lovers, our intentions and visions. There is a heat and urgency to Beltane that quickens creativity.

Scorpio itself is a creative force, a sensual, magical energy that invites our courage and intuition. Now is the time to make bold steps in business and relationships. Strike while the iron is hot as they say.

Full Moon blessings, my loves, rise up and heed the call of the wild.