“You are living in a time when opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness, and spiritual growth appear to be unlimited.” — The Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak

 The Festival of Samhain, or All Hallow’s Eve is very special to me. It marks the day on which I initiated myself into the path of the Wise Woman and the day my life shifted profoundly towards the mystical.

I spent that evening with one of my daughters, each of us performing our own rituals and taking charge of our lives as women awakened to consciously intending the life we desired.

This year, the festival falls on a New Moon in Scorpio. This is important in many ways, which I will explain. As a Scorpio myself, I am resonating with the many messages filtering down to us over the last few weeks. Synchronicities abound – we are poised for the shift from our 3rd dimensional existence through the fourth and into the 5th, which was activated at the end of the Mayan Age between 2012 and 2015 (a 26,000 year cycle of our sun orbiting around Pleiades). Of course there are no co-incidences and the Pleiades rise at Samhain, while the moon is in Scorpio, which is all about synchronicity, alchemy, and shifts in states of being – birth, death and re-birth.

It also falls, within sacred geometry, on the number 5 as we add up the date 10.31.2016 – the Pentagram, the Sacred Feminine, the Fibonacci sequence. As a witch, I can only marvel at the interconnectedness of all occurrences.

It is said that human beings were created from Pleiadian DNA. During the next step in human evolution, we will learn to transcend fear, to trust more, to experience love directly via our third eye (the filters that obscure pure love will be gone), we will experience time in a more fluid manner – not quite so linear but be able to exist in the past, present and future simultaneously, and time will slow down again.

Right now we have been experiencing time as quickening, and everything seems to be flying past at astronomical speeds. Don’t worry, my loves, this is an illusion as we upgrade to our new operating systems.

Yes, I have just likened us to a computer. All of our systems are in the process of being upgraded, and that is how we enter the fifth dimension, via these ‘upgrades’ or ‘evolutions’ of our human beingness. Our DNA is being added to, where once we had 12 strands, (Lemurians, Atlantians) currently we operate with three strands but some children are being born with five at present. As strands are added, we are able to ‘process’ more of the information needed to become Fifth Dimensional Beings.

This is a mystery, but again, Scorpio is the master of mystery. So no surprise, as Scorpio engages Intuition and Sexuality to access Divinity.

We will be once again be able to ‘feel’ as intuitive beings, to engage with each other via telepathy and to find understanding of Spirit through the gift of Sacred Sexuality. Scorpio understands that it is through an ecstatic state that we commune with our Source. This is why sexuality has been demonized…because to truly understand it, is to become Divine. And to be Divine, is to be impervious to control by religion, or power or politics.


 It was a brilliant trick to control the masses by controlling sexuality. For when we are fully ecstatic we cannot be taught anything but LOVE.

As Scorpio, the Alchemist, works its magic at Samhain, invoking our ancestors through the thinning veil between the Seen and Unseen; and as the Wheel of the Year turns, with Death, Birth and Rebirth in a constant cycle, we re-incarnate as Beings of Light, hearts open to ancient truths that point in one direction only, and that is Unconditional Love.

LOVE is the original impulse of the Universe. No matter how far we stray from this impulse – and we have been in a lengthy cycle of war, greed and intolerance – we will and must come back to our beginnings.

Today we sink into Darkness, visit Death (Transformation), seek wisdom in the world of the Fey, meet with Ancestors, receive gifts of knowledge, and come back integrated as children of the Aquarian Age.

Today, I and many other witches, will perform ceremony to engage with Universal Intent. We cast spells for new beginnings, as the New Moon dictates. We plant seeds for change. We invoke the powers of the Four directions and send prayers for all those who need healing, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We play with Goddesses – Hecate, Isis and Sophia – they lead us on paths of wisdom.

In a few days, a new leader of the United States will be elected, and through the havoc that ensues after that, (there will be a great divide, and for a while things will seem worse than ever until equilibrium is found again) it will become more apparent than ever that the old ways no longer suit us. It will be quite painful actually, for some of us to even exist in the environment that is coming. For who we adjust into being, as ascending 5th Dimension Beings, will be so starkly different from how the world has been operating for the last 5,000 years, that we will no longer fit this reality. But the good news is, that this seemingly uncomfortable period is pure transformation (growing pains), and just as the chrysalis becomes a butterfly, we too will emerge with wings.


Take time to drift through the veil, to appreciate your own darkness – for that is where you are incubating your Higher Self, to meet with those already ascended to Spirit, and to greet the new dawn. Write down your dreams, allow the impossible to become possible, imagine the new World. You are part of it.

Samhain Blessings my loves. All that Is, is because you Are.

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