Samhain Blessings my loves!

At the Solar Eclispe this year, my youngest encountered a bear while traipsing the mountain we live on.

With the bear behind her as she hurried home, she picked up this deer skull…because everyone has the presence of mind to pick up artifacts while escaping a bear, right? 

Her life took a decided transformation after that day, and the skull is now a part of my Samhain altar.

Representing the masculine (it is a buck skull), deer totem gifts, death, transformation…it takes center stage on this day when we celebrate the Underworld, Ancestors, Wisdom, Goddess and her shadows, our shadows, and the Witch’s New Year! 

My loves the world of Spirit is near and we can slip into mystical communication with the world of Fey.

It is a time out of time, the night that is not a night. Falling in Scorpio, representing the Feminine, the Goddess descends into woman. A perfect night for sex magic.

Open to your innate holiness, your instincts, intuitions, dreams, visions! You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Let us journey.. .the Underworld awaits!

You may experience astral travel, vivid dreams, visits from deceased loved ones. This is the most powerful night of the year.

Release. Transform.

The Pleiades also rise tonight, and the inhabitants of this star system can be called upon as allies in spiritual awakening. 

I’ll see you on the other side!