I’ve just been visiting the ocean, and Pisces had opened my heart to the beauty of its depths.

When I think of the astrological sign of Pisces, I feel aquamarine water, mermaids, water nymphs and mystic music that draws me further down an unknown path.

Pisces is the last of the twelve zodiac signs, and although it is said to contain some of every sign preceding it, it has an imprint all its own.

I think that the Piscean soul is indeed brave to live under the influence of Neptune, ungrounded, two fish swimming in opposite directions, a dreamer, emotional – swayed in either direction to extremes; a spiritual sign capable of great insights.

For the sensitive, loving Piscean, whose heart is worn on its sleeve; the use of crystals and sacred stones is not only useful but recommended.

The grounding capability of a crystal is valuable to a creature who cannot keep their feet on the ground, metaphorically or physically. I would also recommend grounding/heavier food for the Piscean who finds themselves lost to their emotions or the foibles of a lover or family member.

Smoky Quartz can be placed directly on the feet by Pisces while doing a grounding meditation or exercise.

There is no doubt that Pisces is magical.

They have a certain fluidity to move between worlds; physical and astral, the Above and Below.
Labradorite and Amethyst can assist in travel between worlds while in dream state or awake during magical ritual.

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Pisces has two birthstones, Amethyst and the ever alluring Moonstone. Either can be worn as a pendant for protection, to cleanse the aura and provide boundaries.

Boundaries are very important for Pisces to establish. Using crystals is a valuable tool but cannot replace the practice of protecting oneself from unwelcome energies. This is difficult for Pisces who has such a beautifully expanded heart.

Pisces can use a Moonstone orb to gaze into for spiritual insights and to strengthen their intuition. It does not have to be large, just a round polished stone will do.

Other stones/crystals that Pisces will find useful (always go with what your soul resonates with- you should feel a quickening when you touch the stone) are, Aquamarine, Blue Smithsonite -for grounding and balancing), Turquoise – to connect to the energy of the sea, Blue Lace Agate and Fluorite.

Pisces, an intangible in a world that values densities, cannot be expected to fit a specific mold.

We can learn many things from Pisces, both in what they do well and not so well. Their path is ever changing and follows the tides as governed by Luna.

How can they be anything but who they are…a mystery, a symphony of questions and spiritual wanderings?

A wonderful gift for Pisces would be a treasure chest filled with their most beneficial stones. Or a trip to the ocean -as befits your budget.


Namaste, my loves.