Our inherent sexuality is sacred and a manifestation of our divinity. To explore it is to discover the portal through which Shakti and Shiva flow, it is the most ecstatic expression of creativity, it is the river of the original impulse which brought the Universe into being.

To know it is to understand all things. It can be experienced through our fingertips, our mouth, our skin.
Because of this, sexuality has been taboo, relegated to procreation, for marriage only, unclean, commercialized, stripped of its light.

Yet, we are waking up to its magic, little by little lifting the shameful blanket, and realizing that sexuality is the core of Love Incarnate.

The greatest mysteries are available to us through touch. And we are as a species profoundly touch deprived.
Ecstacy is the tantric gateway to peace. I believe so. Namaste my loves.