The difficulty between the Feminine and the Masculine is that we have forgotten we are all both. As vast and infinite, as boundless as we are, we are blinded through conditioning to the fact that all beings carry the essence of both sensibilities. We incarnate into the form we wish to express or experience here on Earth, and immediately, through the teacher we call Ego, we fasten onto the polarities of Male and Female. And the struggle begins. We are taught the ‘differences’, separated into colors, clothing appropriateness, expectations about intimacy, and on it goes. Boys don’t cry. Girls aren’t strong. Boys don’t love boys. Girls don’t kiss girls. Men can do this. Women can’t do that. Ego latches on. The battle rages. We have something to prove.

We need ego. It is a powerful agent of learning. It is up to us to discern the puzzles the ego places before us. So let’s not blame ego or even wish to banish it. Without it, we would not be able to grow as spiritual beings having a human experience. There would be no human experience without the aid of Ego.

The Masculine and the Feminine are exquisite expressions of Love. We are on soul level entwined so intricately, that there is no room for conflict.

We must get back to remembering the beauty of the Sacred Masculine. Shiva. It is in its purity, not overpowering, not bruising, not violent, not hateful, not the rapist, not the iron fist. It is warm and safe. It is surrender. It is service. It is solace.

The Divine Feminine is grace under pressure. It is the cauldron of creation. It is powerful and yielding, it is nurturing and birthing. Shakti.

Combined, the two are the Divine. To create the New Earth, we must see each other with new eyes. Love each other without the hatred of centuries past seeped into our bones. We must release the pain and look forward to healing. Separated, like Twin Flames when they fail to find each other, we are without the power of the numinous to guide us.

There is coming a time when male and female will no longer be from separate tribes. We will all sit at the same fire and eat from the same spiritual manna. But when this will be, is up to us. There will be no savior to lead us. There will be no change until we change. There will be no guru wise enough to teach us. We must teach ourselves. As long as we see each other as enemies, we will continue on the lesson laid before us. And as history and herstory has proven, it is a difficult journey. But we can do this. If we set our hearts to the ‘remembering’.

Namaste, My loves. Let us be good to each other.