Pagan New Year

From sunset on October 31st to sunset November 2nd—wise women, wizards and mystics in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate a full turn of the Druidic year.

I’ve never truly resonated with the Gregorian New Year on January 1st.

I’ve long since abandoned celebrating the turn of the wheel according to a man-made calendar, and instead, I am following the rhythms of the earth. The pagan festival and ways of marking the passage of time seems to fit me naturally.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to abandon the norm and celebrate what’s magical about the turn of the wheel?

The Festival of Samhain (saa-ween), or All Hallows Eve (a more modern name), is the most important and magically charged festival of the year.

During the three days mentioned above, the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. Now is the time to look to the past and forward into the future to glean wisdom and insight.

The world of Spirit inhabits the physical world, and connecting to spirit guides, ancestors and angels is easier now than at any other time of the year. Many people go through major shifts emotionally, physically and spiritually during Samhain. Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling strangely un-grounded or questioning the path you are on.

If you have been hesitating to take the leap into the unknown lately—be it with finance, employment, love or life goals—do it now, while access to the “Other Side” and its wisdom is so generously available! Take heed of insights, dreams and internal longings for change. Because the veil is thin to the world of spirit now, we have a higher psychic ability, which can give us good perspective on whether decisions we wish to make are sound or not.

There are a few elements to be aware of at Samhain, when we slip further towards the dark of the year, as well as our own internal darkness. One can use these elements as a connection to the mystical energies that guide and protect.

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