Beloveds, how are you faring?

I can’t help but think of everyone as the world spins into a new reality.

I wonder also if you are feeling the shift happening right now in the cosmos? Equinox is upon us, bringing balance as well as an opportunity for a massive shift in consciousness.

No matter what or who you believe is the cause of the latest virus, how it manifested among the general population, and what this all means, we can be sure that our Mother Earth, the galaxy and the whole of the multi-verse is spinning as it always does; there is incredible grounding and comfort in that.

Despite the happenings around us, there is also a whole universe within us. How we engage with ourselves at this time is very, very important.

Let’s keep our focus on what’s real. The earth beneath our feet, the alignment of planets and stars, the changing of the seasons, the power of our hearts and our ability to create good in this world.

Go outside, look up, take deep breaths of forest or ocean air, remember who you are… a shining, love-filled, creative.

I’ve co-written something on all of this in my latest at elephant journal with my friend and astrologer TulaFae.

Dive a little deeper here.

Heart hugs and soul kisses,