I work by the moon…planting, spells, decisions, inner searches – all follow Luna’s path and guidance. Life just makes more sense when we tap into natural rhythms.

Tonight we greet Luna as she begins a new cycle from New to Full to Dark once more. She is ever faithful to pull on our emotions as she travels the night sky – the Goddess of gentle, silvery light.

Without doubt, this month’s Super Moon, which hovers ever so close, will be especially influential. Mars, the planet of War and Sex surges into retrograde soon and my suggestion is that we have all our intentions for the coming month firmly in place before we slip into the broodiness of Mars playing with Scorpio. Oh! You can be sure there will be shenanigans beginning in a week or so.

Artemis, the Goddess associated with the new Moon, is a vulnerable maiden, due to ripen, but as yet full of unrealized potential. That is how we can view our journey with Luna as well. The New Moon is an exciting time when we make plans, plant seeds of hope, begin new journeys, and step into the unknown. We are tender in our emotions, virginal in our attempts, but with our eye on possibility, we make strides towards a fruitful future.

For the next three days, allow yourself to expand and nurture new growth. It may be emotional growth, or a physical transformation you wish to embark on, or a spiritual quest. No matter what you envision, this is the time to make a concrete decision and then execute it.

Luna in Aries exudes great power. This is a most powerful month, as we talked about before, when we went through those difficult eclipses, Mercury’s Retrograde and the Spring Equinox! What turbulence – but all turbulence is meant to awaken us from a sleepy, dreamy state into determined action.

Learn from Aries;

Do not take a back seat to your plans

Be a bit more forceful than before

Listen to your own voice – expectations from outside pressures should be weighed carefully

Take control of your future

Be self -focused inasmuch as it is needed to manifest your dreams (just add in a sprinkle or two of conscious awareness that others are not here to revolve around your force-field. Respect boundaries)

Either be all in or all out, there is no fence sitting when visions are at stake

Burn with determination

Be the captain of your own boat – meaning, don’t wait for someone else to make your life what you need it to be.

(Aries can easily boss someone else into things they want, but this will always end tragically. What I’m talking about is adopting Aries’ determination and tempering it with a sensitivity towards those who are part of the journey – that is the best of Aries energy)

Are you already tapping into the theme of 2016? There is a defined emergence this year of strength gathered through Love.

As always, we face violence and fear. That, my loves, is part of the experience on this planet, where we are allowed to learn from opposing forces. We hope that Love will conquer Fear, that Peace will override War; that we will learn from past mistakes.

Recently, I read a quote that struck me at heart center.

“The urge to destroy is also a creative urge.” ~ Pablo Picasso

I realized when I read it that our inherent drive to create can be expressed in a negative form, that not all creative urges are beautiful. It helped me to understand the mind of a person who destroys through a fear based impulse.

Perhaps their deep need to create, warped by hate and fear, is so desperate for release that it will gravitate to any expression. If only we could change this unconscious way of birthing creative visions. Because, those people who dive into violence are also seeking change; from the life and injustices they feel trapped in.

But you already know what I am going to say.

To change the world we must change ourselves. I say this a lot, and will continue to say it, because as we struggle, we forget this simple bit of wisdom.

So as the new moon rises, my loves, infuse the world with your creative ideas, your intentions. Give us your songs, your poems, your sustainable businesses, your houses built of straw (don’t worry, I’ve called off the wolves), your inventions, your fair politics, your home grown food.

Show us what beauty resides in your hearts.

We will be waiting, under the light of the New Moon. Remember, anything is possible!

Love, Peace, and Light.

image: pinterest