Wild Ones, I should have posted this yesterday, but was all discombobulated from one, not being at home and am a bit wobbly always when away from my natural habitat, plus was making a big dissertation regarding Covid on FB, which was a long time coming, but wanted to make sure I had myself all formulated. That’s my official excuse.

If you’re interested in reading, (and the myriad of comments) here’s the link to my post.

But back to Dark/New Moon. I put something together on elephant journal, my ruminations about what Luna in Taurus was bringing, and a few practices for each phase, dark and new.

Here’s the dark stuff…

Activities for Dark (Crone) Moon

> Making peace with your shadows, embracing your wholeness. Write a long love letter to yourself.
>> Banishment magic.
>> Meditation, yoga nidra, restoration, sleep.
>> Journaling the past lunar cycle and insights.
>> Paying attention to dreams and signs.
>> Connecting with ancestors.
>> Practicing gratitude by sharing resources with others.
>> A solitary sex ritual. Developing a self-pleasure practice.

Play stuff for New Moon and all my insights here!

As we continue on this road of self-discovery during these unusual times, I hope you find peace through staying present to each day as much as possible, remember that our world is a projection of whatever our minds come up with, so that might as well be something beautiful, empowering, kind and inspired.

Much love to you,