We are in the midst of something very magical! I bet you have felt your intuition rising as we entered Scorpio Season on October 23rd?

Perhaps a tingle of unexplained excitement on your skin?


Dark Moon – October 27th and 28th

Witch’s New Moon – October 29 and 30th

Mercury Stations Retrograde and All Hallow’s Eve (Samhain) October 31st to November 20th


Batten down the hatches, Wild Ones. With the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, the theme of this Dark/New Moon is seduction, death and transformation.

At the last full moon, I talked about the season of the Dark Moon, which we are in between Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice. The season is amplified on October 31, Witch’s New Year, the holy day of Samhain.**

With Scorpio’s tenacious grip on all things seduction, death and transformation, we are called deep into the shadows, the proverbial Underworld and the secrets we keep.

Now the Dark Goddess rises; the hag, the witch, the seductress, the crone, the wicked woman who dared to defy her master – Lilith – so willing to dance naked and irreverent, sinful and dangerous, so reviled and suppressed, so wise and succulent in the face of conformity and all that is held as ‘good’.

We have permission now to be one with her, to own those parts of ourselves which have been discarded and shamed. We allow ourselves this season of knowing the darkness as a place of rest and wisdom, where we can decompose what once was and nurture the seed of our re-growth.

Scorpio revels in death. Scorpio invokes introspection and transformation.

Before we can be re-born, before we can imagine new worlds, we must gestate in the womb of the dark goddess, who holds us in her surprisingly tender hands, dirt beneath her fingernails from where she has dug us up, her warm tears the rain of our resurrection.

She is the Dark Moon on the 27th and 28th, the incubating mother who holds our dreams in safety. She is the soil we sink into each month at dark moon. Every seed of possibility must surrender to this darkness, must commune with rotting leaves and whispering spirits.

The cloak of the dark mother keeps us warm. It drags on the ground as she walks the earth in search of dreamers. Where would we be without dreams or the darkness that cocoons them. Before we grow wings, we sip the still waters of possibility. We wait…

It is important now to observe the moments of stillness before the witch’s new moon crescents and Mercury stations retrograde and together with Scorpio dips deliciously into long held taboos, explores succulent secrets, awakens our sexuality and creativity without apology.

Stay open, heart open, and you will reap visions from the occult places of your soul.

What is hidden, will be revealed, what is forbidden will be embraced.

Be mindful and conscious of these three chakras during dark and new moon:

Third and Sacral for Intuition

Throat and Heart for Authenticity

Root chakra for Groundedness

Feed them with gratitude and love, as well as acceptance of all that you are. We are not seeking perfection but wholeness.*



Wild Ones, my latest @ elephant journal. Read on for mantras for the Dark and New Moon, Affirmations for Mercury Retrograde, plus a saucy little ritual.

Image Credit: Photographer/Model Unknown/Pinterest/Tell Me