Wild Ones, let us dive deep into this Dark and softly emerging New Moon under Sagittarius.

Mercury stations direct and with it we find some stability surrounding the emotional turbulence of the last three weeks.
Personally, I have been struggling with authenticity… strange for one who writes and lives it daily… but have I been? I am examining in which ways I have been stuck in old patterns. More on that another day.
With Solstice around the corner, I know that I have been already mourning the darkness. Soon days will lengthen again, but I am not ready yet to give up my cave time. Are you? What is coming up for you, soul family?

This moon, astrologer and wise woman, Tula Fae, discerns the mood of the cosmos. I am forever grateful for her accuracy and intuition, shared here with you;

“The time is now to do shadow work in all ways Sagittarius: look deeply and sharply into behavior and consistency. It will make you gasp; though you will grasp a deeper concept of the holding pattern that has been keeping you stagnant.
Mercury comes direct right on this new moon. This is also the new moon before Eclipse later this month on the 22nd. When a new moon comes before an eclipse there can be more of a sense of Rush. Imagine that is already 2019 and you are already fulfilling your aspirations and goals. The new moon and the energy surrounding it will catapult you into the person you want to be. “Look I was holding you back as if it is the cord that will launch the arrow,” says Luna.
Neptune and Mars conjunct squared Jupiter and the Moon:
Neptune Square Jupiter – your vision can be challenged and the type of person that you want to be is oscillating between dreaming of who you want to be and where you want to be in life and the type of people you want to be surrounded by.
It’s facing an embarrassment of the Self, seeing where you are now. Knowing life can change at the drop of a hat and with that the reality of our situation changes and all too often we allow the self image and our self-worth change along with the circumstances. So by going back into faith and letting faith guide us through the dark depths that we can fall into if we put too much consideration into who we are now because of this new reality, we remember it takes much more than our own circumstances to change the essence of Who We Are.
It is an easy time to be deceived and overly optimistic. So Now’s the Time to take stock of where you are in life, the resources that you have in life, and to take time before diving into any new adventure or venture.
Mars Square Jupiter
A challenging  time for our actions; it becomes easy to overindulge, easy to not follow through as it is easy for energy to get stuck in knots throughout the body.
Mars in Pisces wants us to have movement of energy within our body, balancing the healing and flushing the toxins.
Use the body as a transcendent vehicle: dancing, go to the new fitness class you have been eyeing. Yet the square to Jupiter Inside Edge is asking us for a time of healing which may look like Tai Chi, Qi gong, massage or acupuncture or a different type of yoga that we haven’t done before ~anything to move energy in the body in a restorative way.
All the doubt and fear, insecurities and overindulgence become easily tapped in our body with these transits and this time of year where we are going deep into analyzing the self; getting comfortable with the cold and dark reality of our lives right now.

With a Sagittarius energy we can see forward and ask for the best parts of ourselves and our lives to meet us.

It’s time to strategize and transmute this restless energy, molding  it into smaller steps before charging forward;  reconsidering arguments as we let them go. The approach for defense is better than being on the attack.
Mercury Stations, Trines Chiron
Mercury Retrograde comes Direct in Scorpio – this brings deep emotional insight before the new moon. The connection of mind, body and spirit influences a new phase of life; it frames how we speak, communicate and deal with our debts, finances, our relationships and our Sexual Energy.
This Mercury retrograde has given us direct insight into what we really want in life as far as using or withholding our Sexual Energy, as well as how Mercury wants to communicate with others in a way that reaches to the core emotions, desires and feelings. This senescence has given us a reflection of where we’re at and where we want to be.
As Mercury moves forward it is a reprieve. We are able now to be more detailed and communicative with a spiritual aspect or to be able to articulate with more clarity these deep dives into our emotional intelligence and awareness that felt too abstract to be able to articulate in the first place
So this retrograde has given us the insight and depth to analyze something that felt very abstract and very deep. The transit gives us the ability to speak from the depths of our experience with sharp clarity and insight which has the potential to transform how we connect, communicate and grow our connections if this energy is harnessed to its fullest capability.
It is by seeing where our mindset is now that we can know how to communicate and connect with our Self and others.
Use this Moon to articulate your needs spiritually physically and in circumstance. Use this Moon to visualize your potential yet not obsessing over a particular outcome, knowing that deep within you is wisdom that’s always unfolding. It’s only when we get caught up with the pace of life that we forget and tarnish our wisdom with extraneous desires and goals.”

TulaFae is a well-being coach, astrologer, yoga teacher, world traveler, and a candidate pursuing a license in naturalistic medicine. Her work uncovers blocks in the energy, mental, and physical bodies by illuminating the blueprint of each soul set in and individual’s star charts. She helps others connect to their purpose in life through astrology, meditation, and essential oils. Dissolving confusion and delays of desire by using the body and mind to get tuned into one’s inner compass with harmony and trust.

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