Hola Beloveds!

It’s Dark/New Moon again, and I’ve got something different for you in this month’s article at elephant journal.

I’ve been thinking about one of my fave muses, Anais Nin, and thought it would be interesting to see in what ways her words could help us make existential shifts.

She’s one of those writers who could really make an impact, because her philosophies were out of the ordinary.

“In a dark sky on the 18th and 19th, Luna and Leo remind us that we are keepers of an internal fire, a light that shines within us and which we can access no matter how deep we go into personal or collective shadows.

If you’re feeling frustration—a desire to just get on with things, impatiently tapping your toes while waiting for ideas to formulate into concrete results—you are feeling the effects of Mars square Saturn. Both are uncomfortable yet effective reminders that it is in our willingness to be flexible and surrendered where we meet deepest transformation.”

Want to see what wisdom Anais imparts on this most fiery new moon?

Read here!

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Big huge hugs to you and yours, Wild Ones,

Monika. xo