I have been greatly anticipating this New Moon in Aquarius.

We are just barely released from the shadowy effects of Mercury’s Retrograde. For many it was a wild ride full of percolating changes, emotional highs followed by drastic lows,  plans gone awry and confusing signals from loved ones.

But we have survived and even flourished! Capricorns, with their well laid plans may have found this time since the last Full Moon a challenge, but given their closeness to Aquarius, it is no surprise that each year the January/February cusp is an adventure to say the least, for them and every other sign.

Adding to the madness were the cleansing fires of the Festival of Imbolc, just passed, on February 2!

After months of closeness to our Dark Side and our deepest dreams, Imbolc was the day to take one more trip to the Underworld, to burn away the residue of our fears, before we expose the seedlings of hope to the light.

I happen to like it down there, (down being simply a perception of our human space/time continuum), it is warm, cozy, filled with the spirit of possibility. All life will be bursting forth from this damp, dark place in a few short weeks.

I like to trample around in the roots of the trees, consult with mischievous fairies and gnomes, seek out my most enlightened guides; one of whom is a grizzled old man with a flowing white beard who delights in making swift transformations into a spectacularly beautiful apparition of King Arthur, and throwing me into a tailspin of wonderment.

I have given up asking him to desist, as it seems to give him such delight to play with my addiction to Avalon, which belongs not in the Underworld but the Upper World as far as I am concerned. But perhaps he is teaching me that everything is an illusion, even that which we perceive to be real.

While meditating in the dim light of this magical place, I realized that this New Moon in Aquarius has a defined role in how 2016 will unfold. As you already know, New Moon time is when we cast our plans to the wind and step out into Beginnings. 

We have already done a cleansing, through the Retrograde and Imbolc energies. We have dug up our dreams from the fertile ground of time passed between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. We have greeted the Sun God as he birthed light in late December, and began the stirring of the activity that happens when light starts to overtake dark.

We must now focus on the future. If you are not feeling quite brave yet, do not worry, allow the dust to settle from the intensity of the past few months and slowly, with confidence and with intention, give rise to the visions in your heart.

Remember that Aquarius is less concerned with plans and details and more with manifesting. The energy that will surround us at this new Moon will be more of a  fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants thing than some carefully planned flow chart project. So buckle up! Aquarius says, “The Future is Now”. Generally, that is how Aquarius gets things done – in the head with a new idea, and before you know it, splat, there it is in manifested form!

No more time for dawdling, or examining our intentions. Tap into the Creative and release.

When a farmer goes to plant a field, it is with an expected result. We did that through the dark days of winter. We did it with an expectation of seeing our dreams sprout. Now that we are on the brink of sprouting these Dream Seeds, we must carry that feeling of expectation to it’s fruition.

There is an impulse of energy that must be carefully listened to when we birth dreams. It’s like holding your ear to the ground to hear if a train is coming.

This New Moon is carrying the sound of the train along the track. Grasp the energy it is carrying and with that intention I spoke of earlier, manifest the idea/dream/creative spark that is only yours to bring forth.

The Underworld is a place where one encounters elements of Rest, Faith, Possibility and finally a release of the Creative Force. Everything we need to learn about manifesting is found in this mystical realm.

Why not sit in meditation and summon the spirits who inhabit the shadows and with their guidance, discover the pathways to your new adventures for 2016?

Whatever you are contemplating now, this is where the groundwork is laid for the rest of the year. It may come hard won with tears, but it will come. Believe.

Hello New Moon! We are ready to expand with you.

image: Wiki Commons