The Full Moon Goddess rises from her seat in the heavens on November 25th.

Welcome to the Full Frost Moon in Gemini. Her influence will be felt deep within our ancient self, and for those wondering why we are at her mercy once again, the answer is simple yet profound.

The Full Moon Goddess awakens everything we have ever been, everything that we have ever experienced, over centuries of time.

On a cellular level, we remember. The pull of the tides brings to the surface all the love and fear that we have ever felt. The intensity of all that has been and all that will be (the soul does not experience time in a linear path like we do physically) rises for us to transcend.

And so we are handed this opportunity to capture a part of ourselves that has been illusive until now. A part that is influenced this month by Gemini, forever curious, chameleon in nature, mysterious, intelligent.

Luna is not partial to leaving important things undone. Every full turn of the monthly wheel, She beckons us with a silvery finger adorned with stellular rings, to come forth from our warm, comfortable place in the scheme of things and live like we’ve never lived before.

We are so clever at hiding what is true for us the rest of the month. Although the Sun comes Full every single morning, we have become used to her presence. The moon is less generous in Her fecundity, She illuminates our darkness just as we have become lulled into thinking that all has been discovered, all has been resolved.

But here She is again, opening us so cunningly, that we can only bear witness to the secrets that are spilled. Once more, we traverse the heavens with Her, stopping in this century or that, remembering our foibles, rejoicing in the times where love triumphed over fear, weeping over blood spilled, hearts torn, land ravaged. Will we ever learn?

Today, tomorrow, and the day after this Full Frost Moon, let us imagine what could be. Let us contemplate only peace, only love. Let us not think but feel.

Don’t be afraid to drown in what seems overwhelming this Full Moon. When all air leaves our lungs, there is a moment when we grasp forever, when we experience nirvana, when we truly understand what Life is all about.

In that moment that we die we are born again because there is nothing between us and Love, we are not hindered by the encumbrances of our physical being.

When Luna rises, so will you. In these times of conflict –ever present, have you noticed? – we are called to not understand where we go wrong but to understand where we go right.

Don’t concentrate on fighting what is. You will only draw it nearer. This is why war is never ending. We fight it, it cannot help but fight back…and so it goes on. This Full Moon, experience only Love. Allow yourself to immerse in it to the place where it suffocates all possibility of Fear.

When things come up that threaten to suffocate you, things that you thought you were past, things that have been your nemesis in life, welcome these things with Love. Pull out a chair and invite them to sit with you. Take Fear’s hand. And as with a child who cannot see past her nightmare, give Fear a cup of warm Love, and understand that Fear is simply the other side of the coin.

We live in a world of duality. We are here to learn about it.

This Full Moon, take a deep breath and allow. What will come will come and then it will go. Breathe. Observe Prana. It is within this observation that you will find understanding of Luna.

She is your teacher, come faithfully each month to shine Consciousness to this aching world.

See Her with your Third Eye, experience Her with your Crown Chakra. Allow.

Namaste my lovelies. Full Moon Blessings.

Image: Flickr