Mother Moon for Mother’s Day.

Wait till I tell you about this week’s profound synchronicity!

The last three days I’ve been under the spell of Scorpio Full Moon – Mother Moon. Today I received my Earthkeeper’s Rite, the 9th Shamanic initiation of 13, which connects me further to my work of honoring the Mother Archetype, healing Mother Wound and my love for beloved Pacha Mama. Tomorrow, on May 10th, I celebrate my 34th Mother’s Day, and the first of these as a Grandmother.

I am simply swimming in Mother Frequency, feeling this expansive archetype on many levels.

My own earthly mothers, birth and adoptive, are both transitioned to Spirit.

I am my own mother now.

We are all mothers, we birth all the time; children, dreams, new paradigms, creative projects, new galaxies… we are the sacred cauldron, the womb.

Mother archetype lives within us, to be held to the light, to be healed, to be nurtured and consciously evolve.

Mother is simply WOMAN.

One of the most powerful things we can do on Mother’s Day or any day, is to reclaim our sovereignty, our visions, our voice, our ancient memories. As Clarissa Pinkola Estes so poignantly shares, the deeper we go, the more magically we can touch the bones of who we are. We can know our power and understand our light and our darkness.

Mother is many things. She sings with many voices. She wears many robes. She is at once the hurricane and the calm. She is our solace or our trauma. We navigate her ocean all our days.

Mother is our best teacher, her medicine is the foundation for everything we become.

No matter which medicine she serves, bitter or sweet, it is exactly the portal through which we grow to our fullest embodiment.

I wonder how much of our own consciousness is wrapped up in the myth of the perceived sins of two original mothers, Lilith and Eve?

Handed down over centuries, our cells still respond to false ideas of our fallen nature.

But our time has come. We resurrect the blueprint of the divine feminine, without the mark of patriarchy on her resonance.

This is the year when our Mother Gaia evolved into her crystalline core, replacing the iron core of the Piscean Age. Her vibration raises our own, and ours raise hers, if we choose to align with her.

This Mother’s Day, set your feet on her skin, feel her breathe, lie belly to belly together if you can.

Rejoice in the incredible alchemy of the archetype, the energy and the provision of the natural world, the soil which feeds us.

In these last days of Mother Moon, (we transition to Crone Moon on May 15th), let us be present to gratitude.

Great Mother births us, we birth the evolving consciousness. The mystery of birth, life, death and rebirth continues.

Mother’s Day blessings, my loves.