There would be no magic in my kitchen or on my altar without the mortar and pestle.

I’m wildly attracted to the symbolism, the mortar being the cup (womb) and the pestle being the grinder (male counterpart). The pestle stirs up emotions, juices, intentions and hopes. The mortar receives and holds the magic of birth, the creative power of the Universe. I sometimes imagine the wind playing with the ocean, whipping planetary energy into a froth of new beginnings as I work mortar and pestle magic.

Grinding seeds or herbs in the kitchen brings a contemplative mood, I muse about the healing that will come from the spices or herbs ground, as I add them to whatever food I am preparing for family or friends. It is such a creative process, much like the act of creating life between woman and man. I find much focus as I grind, it’s a soothing motion for my thoughts.

In magic, the mortar and pestle produce ‘green blood’ something so powerful that I reserve it for my most special requests. Somehow I feel the need to respect it’s power, and don’t call on it in vain.

Every time I see one, I feel the pull of the moon. A good place to keep one is on your altar by the tarot deck. They will speak to each other, and in turn, to you. One should be kept aside for food preparation, a specific magic, another on the altar, even if only used symbolically, another in the space where you create your art (whatever that might be), another can be moved around to the places in the house that need a surge of renewal.

Can you really have too many? I think not. But only collect those that you are truly attracted to. You will serve each other better if you love the look and feel of it. As in a partnership, magic is made where there’s a spark.