On January 31 the world will witness and experience a very rare moon. So rare in fact, that it has not occurred since 1866!

Every full moon brings opportunities and changes, and sometimes we sail through high on the energy that it lends us, feeling supported, expansive, and excited for the days ahead. Other times, the pull on our internal tides is so great that we find sleep difficult, our bodies may react with a variety of symptoms, and emotions fluctuate from elation to depression.

Because this moon is closer to Earth in orbit than usual, because it is the second one this month of January (Blue), because it is also a Blood Moon, (appearing red due to the absence of sunlight during the eclipse), because a Lunar Eclipse is a direct portal to Consciousness itself, I encourage us all to at once work with the powerful energy while grounding ourselves through meditation, celebration and the mindful practice of staying in the moment.

Instead of ‘getting through’ this very special moon, let’s engage with it and the mystery that it reveals.

The sign of Leo lends three aspects to the full moon: responsibility, loyalty and fierce love. We may connect to these aspects when in meditation and dream time to attract these qualities to us; they will guide us over the next six months, as we enter the next season of eclipses.

For those working with Witchcraft, Pagan or Druidic mysteries, note that the time of an eclipse is especially powerful for casting spells focusing on transformation. The mystery of the Veil will be accessible, and quite open to inter-planetary, inter-realm, inter-dimensional travel for the purposes of gathering forgotten wisdom and activating DNA/Unity Consciousness on the planet. So wow! It will be intense!

Menstrual cycles experienced during the month of January have reportedly taken on the power of the Goddess and other important symbols of transformation such as the Serpent/Dragon energy. Even those who no longer menstruate, have felt a tugging on womb space, as Goddess creates and recreates within the Divine Feminine a new understanding of what it means to accept our light and our shadows, while we soak in the deep waters of Aquarius between January 21st. and the 22nd. of February.

Our Sacred Mother Gaia has experienced her own womb growth and transformative pains as there have been a number of strong earthquakes in the past three weeks.

Remember to ground your thoughts, emotions and actual physical body with any number of exercises that strengthen your base chakra, growing deep roots, deep into the earth, or soaking in waters enlivened with blessings.

This is most definitely the time to leave behind what no longer serves, and to become the authors of our lives over the next six months! As the full moon is eclipsed, dedicate your intentions toward manifesting what Only You can create on this planet. Ask for aligned co-operation from whichever gods/goddesses you may be working with or which call to you right now.

Let us also remember to stay connected with our tribe to offer and seek support. As this intense energy moves through us, it is important to pay special attention to our words and actions and to know in our bones that these powerful times are for healing and the expression of our dreams.

A Simple Ritual for Moon-bathing

Fill a pretty bottle with some filtered water, and if you do not have any that is, simply say a blessing over it. Gather your crystals and any objects sacred to you and leave in a window or in your garden where they will be able to bask in the light of the moon. The blood red light of the eclipsed moon will bring out the Fey – who will bless your objects as well if asked politely and left bits of your best chocolate. A small thimbleful of red wine will also be greatly appreciated!

When the moon is full, (two days before and after is also fine), prepare yourself to commune with Her by taking a purifying bath. Meditation during the bath is a wonderful idea, with music that appeals to your sense of Otherwordliness.

Then, skyclad (naked), wander into the moonlight, whether that’s moonlight streaming through a window in your living room or bedroom or outside in the woods, or in your garden, or in a circle or sisters…whatever you desire.

You can sing and dance, or lie still, or make magic, or make love, or howl.

As an additional gift for your Creatrix Self, you can bathe your yoni in moonlight, ask fertility blessings, healing for any uterine/womb imbalances, sexual abuse wounds, etc.

Use the moon water the next day to wash your face and to drink, and in doing so, embodying the moon.

Your crystals will be charged and ready for another month of work with you.

The moon is an ally. She brings us along on our journey, always showing us by her cycles that we are just like Her, waning and waxing, whole even when parts of us are in shadow.

Full Moon Blessings and see you on the other side.

   Photo by Jake Hills on Unsplash