Today, we witness the convergence of three events that create a powerful force-field of energy on our beautiful planet, Gaia.

While the Sacred Masculine and Feminine dance in the sky, Father Sun falling under the shadow of Sister Moon between the 8th and the 9th, a powerful New Moon gifts us with Her spiritual gifts.

We are lifted on the wings of Luna’s unfolding, new moon’s herald new opportunities, new visions, new beginnings to our dreams and the strength to carry them out.

In my Solar eclipse message I mentioned that we are now swirling in a vortex so powerful that it is almost impossible to escape it’s energy.

Gaia is poised at a beautiful birthing point, pulling in the Sacred Feminine from the secondary role she has played during the last 26,000 year cycle, to the forefront. Today, on International Women’s Day, we have the voice we need to envelop humanity in the loving energy of compassion and nurture the wounds of so many women across the globe and across the centuries.

I want to be clear  that the Divine Feminine is always a loving partner to the Divine Masculine, there is no competition, no comparisons, no power struggle. It has only been here in the physical realm that men and women have fought a bitter battle of inequality. But we are learning to find our balance. Patriarchy just like Matriarchy, has lessons to learn about what it means to live in a co-operative spirit. There is no peace when fear drives one to overpower the other…we have come so far.

And yet, we have much to do. From teaching our daughters and sons that their paths are sacred, to supporting women world-wide in their work and play, to standing against human rights violations, we must come together in knowing that while the Divine expresses Herself as both male and female, we are all One, and separation is a path of disaster. We have tried this path, on religious, monetary and practical levels and it does not work.

My emotions are always heightened around a New Moon, I feel a quickening in my soul, and I feel my heart center open to Love.

Do you feel this pull on your inner tides? If so, answer it’s call and step into the mystic.

If you are a magic worker, this is a good time for spells for health, personal growth, action.

Expansiveness, that is what we are expressing on a New Moon. Optimism, Innocence, a Naked Love for all that is, these are what we can express on a night like tonight.

Luna is a guide, a guardian and a protector of Women. On International Women’s Day, this powerful New Moon is our Mistress and our Teacher. We are the bearers of life, the keepers of the Sacred Cauldron, the Weavers of Mysteries.

Women, attuned to their natural cycle and wisdom, can express themselves both from their emotional/intuitive side and their intellectual/practical side. Now, we flow with Luna from intuition to intellect as the month unfolds, and to understand ourselves is to honor the flow of our being. During the New Moon, we stretch from the contracted Dark Moon phase into the expanded emotional New Moon phase. Now is the time for feeling all those emotions and allowing every nurturing instinct to surface.

Today, full of love and compassion, let us hold close the pain of women everywhere, let us transmute that pain within our hearts to a love that flows like lava to cover past wounds, let us allow space for healing and a future where women are honored from birth to death with respect and dignity.

There is no more tolerance for abuse of the Feminine, just as we will  not tolerate abuse of the Masculine.

A few months ago, I wrote a few words about the Gift of a Woman’s Voice. I share it again here, for all women everywhere…please know that you are beautiful, important, loved, integral to the fabric of life.

Enjoy the New Moon, and the freedom that it brings for self-expression.

If you can, dance under Her light. Blessings to All.

The Gift of A Woman’s Voice.

“Women, do you know that planets shift when you speak?

Do you know that the sun explodes fiery secrets to the Universe when you write from your soul?

Do you know that the moon’s tides ebb and flow with every expression of your heart?

Do you know that with each syllable you utter, consciousness shifts and men with honor, bravery and peaceful strength are born?

Woman, your words are what stirs the cosmos…what brings men to their knees…what creates a deep knowing within The Goddess.

It is She who walks with you on the lonely road.

It is She who guides your steps when you have lost your way.

It is She who embraces you when you question your decisions.

It is She who stand by silently and powerfully when you lie on the ground seemingly defeated, screaming your pain to the silent sky and letting your tears soak the earth beneath you.

It is you, woman, whom the Goddess learns from. She and you are One. There is no sweet incarnation of the Goddess without the words that flow from your inner sanctum.

She is only because you are.

The more you learn about yourself, woman, the more Earth learns about herself. Your emotions are what feed the rainbow river of life. When your pen speaks your truth, the world opens to possibilities of the lying down of arms. Opens to the song of Shakti, ever flowing, like the blood you spill when Luna calls your name.

Woman, you have spilled your life force so that we might learn to walk the path of tolerance and love.

You have been burned, drowned, hung, tortured and spat upon.

And yet, you continue to gift us with your words of forgiveness and shower us with insights from your ever expanding being. Without your words we would be lost to the darkness of the unknown.

Once, a long time ago, in a place where light was not yet expressed, where all that could be lay still within a gossamer wrapped cocoon; Goddess spoke and her word found wings.

And since that time, it has been the word of a woman that has kept the planets spinning and the galaxies from collapsing.

From your word, your womb births realities.

Women gift me more of your words. For I cannot live without the fruit of your pen. All that is and all that will be, survives on the ink you spill, the essay of your grace.” ~