IMG_3388‘Living the good life’….’the simple life’….’sustainable living’…..’escape to the country’…..etc. etc. etc.

All these words have made my heart beat faster, my soul yearn for the ideal, my mind try to work out the details of my escape towards the dream.

I traveled to the community of Findhorn to see for myself what Nirvana looks like. I threatened to stay there. In the end, I farmed a smallholding for ten beautiful, difficult years.

Living close to the earth, inviting Fey spirits in to guide me, planting by the moon, casting spells and preserving the harvest….moments captured in time everlasting, and thankfully, I was conscious enough to know them to be precious as they happened. The magic of the good life is in the intention of leaving the earth better off for you having inhabited it. It is a spell in itself. IMG_3116