Lion’s Gate Portal Opens 07.26.2020eaks 08.08. 2020

Recedes 08.13.20

* Increased cosmic flow between the spiritual realm and planet Earth.

*An alignment between the Cosmic Sun – Sirius, our Sun and Earth, as Sirius rises in the Eastern Sky, Orion’s Belt lines up with the Pyramid of Giza.

* Sirius activates our Third Eye, (pineal gland), intuition, telepathy, the 4 claire’s – clairvoyance, clairsentience, claireaudience, claircognizance – access to ancient and future wisdom

* In the sign of Leo, Lionsgate is the portal for the sacred heart, from which we draw our lifesource, and represents the Divine in personified form

* DNA activations, codes of awakening, soul illumination – as high frequency energy floods our planet

* Accelerated ascension available as 2020, already a year of expanding consciousness and unprecedented societal shifts catapults us closer to living through the heart as a collective

* Access your multi-dimensional self
* Access abundance, and your original soul’s resonance
* Release the lower frequencies of anger and fear
* Receive new seeds of potential released via the powerful transmissions of Sirius
* Jump timelines, dimensions in dream time and lucid dreaming

Remain heart-centered, in service to others, open to unexplained healings in both body and spirit.

Leo reminds us of our brilliance. May we live in harmony and love.

Expect miracles.

The last 5 months of 2020 will see more direct intervention/help from benevolent Star Nations, as humanity seeks harmony amid the chaos.

Photo by Ray Grau on Unsplash