Pussy love is good love, it’s ‘allow yourself to be vulnerable love’, it’s “I have one and would like to taste one’ love.

Girl on girl love is inspiring, delicious and intimately sacred. More than ever, women have been able to express their curiosity and desire for pussy openly – unleashing a longing for the tenderness available in another woman’s arms, and the taste of feminine essence.

Pussy-love is diving into heady waters, where lips meet lips, hearts meet their match, tongues meet silky sensuality and breath finds erotic expression.

A woman’s mouth is a perfect fit for exploring Venus – tenderness meeting tenderness. Decadent, sinful, forbidden -or not – pussy is like sipping peach iced tea on a sultry summer afternoon. So why shouldn’t we crave it, and dream of its labyrinth of secrets and surprises.

To worship at the font of Femininity can be an unexpressed longing for many women. As we realize our awakening into the fullness of Shakti, we may find ourselves craving pussy for no other reason than that we are drawn to experiencing Her emotionally and physically. You can label it, or not, as it pleases you. In the sweet, warm poem of a woman’s sex, there is respite and love, satisfaction and Lilith’s kiss.

interior image: pinterest/beautycraving.com