Sometimes February can seem like the darkest, coldest month; a time when winter is at her worst.

In fact, February is a month of Awakening. The days have been lengthening since the 21st. of December, and some species are mating, like owls, while the first of the spring bulbs burst forth from the ground for those who live in a more temperate climate.

The Earth is stirring even though above ground things may look quite still.

If ever there was a time for creativity, it is now!

Unwrap your dreams and your visions. All that time you have spent since the Autumn Equinox, incubating and ruminating, is now over. What has been aching for release in your eternally mystic soul must now be served up to the light.

Bare yourself to the Universe, speak your truths and seek the inspiration that will guide you onward.

Don’t be afraid of the voices that speak to you of what you could accomplish if you only tried. They are wise and come from a place where anything is possible. Internalize the power of New Beginnings. If things have not been going the way you hoped, this is the time to use the fire in your soul for changes.

Awaken to what is before you. You may have just walked over coals hotter than you thought you could handle, but see, you are a survivor, you have fallen in the deep end but not drowned, you have stood up one more time.

Imbolc is a time for communication, the forces of intuition, action and inspiration. From now until the Spring Solstice, you can plant seeds of hope and water them with all positive energy until they sprout on March 21st.

We will soon be entering the energy of the new Moon. Prepare for a powerful birth of ideas. Prepare to give birth to a new you, as 2016 unfolds in the power of the Number 9. (I will write about this soon)

If you have access to willow branches, place some in a vase with a small amount of water. Willow will sprout leaves as you spend the next few days tapping into your subconscious, and rising emotionally with the coming New Moon.

Now is the time for a new direction, and all your hurts and disappointments can be transmuted by the powerful force of this action based month. No matter your losses lately, forward focus will heal your wounds. Plant yourself in new, fertile ground.

Call upon the Goddess Brigid, tap into the Feminine and petition Willow for visions that will forever change the course of time. You are a creator. So create!