Remember to dream.

Your dreams are the gateway to the brilliance of your chosen life-chart.

Remember—who you are is not a reflection of your sensitivities nor your fears.

Remember that life is just an illusion, this dimension is simply a projection of the human mind.
Not here, not there, it is everywhere, a holograph of color spread across the eastern sky.

Don’t forget who loves you. You are the embodiment of the Divine and are connected to a matrix of wisdom and love.

Remember what makes you perfect in the eyes of the stars, you are one of them—a stream of energy that pulses wildly upon the canvas of the planet, you call home.

Keep to your holy path, to the road untraveled, to the poem written on your soul.
There are many who would lead you away from the brilliance of your destiny
They do not know you, they are only grasping at what keeps them safe.
Send them your healing energy and allow them to move on.

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