“Since the 1960s, many men have struggled to find a new definition of masculinity, one that does not involve shutting down emotionally only to burst out in anger or violence once those feelings surface. In the 1980s, Robert Bly, a leader of the men’s movement, wisely and sadly noted that men don’t talk about their feelings because when they look inside, they cannot find them. And the common experience of the absent father is also a reflection of that distant God whom we can’t access—He came, He procreated, He went to the office, so obey the rules while He’s gone and He’ll be back on Judgment Day to punish you if you were naughty. Expressing most feelings other than anger is taboo for men.” ~ Phyllis Curott, Witch Crafting: A Spiritual Guide to Making Magic

I dream of the days when our Sacred Masculine, our beautiful men, will find that expressiveness that will lead to healing and the unfurling of their wings. We (society) has done men a great disservice by expecting their tears to be silent and unseen, by teaching them to be stoic, by asking them to hide their truth, whatever that may be.

As women, we can hold space for our lovers, fathers and brothers, inviting them to our table of tears, and the freedom we find in sharing our emotions. Some men are already ascending to the New Earth’s expression of masculinity. Others are following. We can hold their tears reverently, with compassion. We can cry with them, and together, we will heal each other. ~ m.c.