I have these friends, who visit me. They come to share in my alone time, which is usually the only way I can share myself, because the word ‘visitors’ still makes me want to run.

We share meals, walks, talks, and laughter.

Out of these times, I generate a more whole sense of self, because their sharing with me allows for my expansion. They are kind and unselfish and allow me to say things that one would most often hear in a foreign film where the translation is suspect. I wonder if they go home and shake their heads and contemplate my oddness.

Yesterday, I sat in a library and relished the silence. In libraries the silence is forced, by rule, but I think that even if it were not, most of us would be silenced anyway by the magnitude of wisdom found bound on the shelves. As I sat there, reading the David Spangler book on manifestation, I came across a line or two that reminded me of these friends I had just spent time with.

In adapted form, this is what I read: ‘The (energy of) the community of incarnates, known and unknown, seeks to enhance both the experience of diversity and individualization on the one hand,  and the experience of connectedness on the other.”

And so, as I seek to manifest all the outcomes that I desire, I am grateful for the force of love and friendship emanating from my encounters with my fellow incarnates. I can only be me if they are truly themselves. I am safe, in the shadow of their light, to expand to places unknown, I can shape shift to a stronger me.