“I have come out of the darkness, where I have been renewed”

I heard this while communing with the moon, contemplating the 11:11 portal that opened our consciousness towards transformation.

How often do we hide from our darkness thinking that the light is where we find our answers?

But the moon has taught me many times over that our dark is the cradle for our light. It is the embryonic stage of all that is good within us, and that what we often like to keep hidden is simply a teacher of hidden truths.

The Moon is new in Scorpio this month and as a Scorpio myself, I can attest to the cycles of change that the moon exacts upon us. Each month, we become new and growing out of our old skin, we shed what was needed the month before and stand shimmering in the waxing light of the moon as it reflects on us it’s journey towards fullness.

Lean into the lessons of Scorpio for the next 15 days, and take all that is real, that is raw, that is forbidden, that is unknown; allowing yourself to submerge beneath the still waters of your life to discover the impossible.

Whatever you dream of, Scorpio will help you transform into reality.

Life has never been about the safe, the well trodden, the uninitiated. Life has always been a journey for the brave. You are brave. You are the phoenix. You are the mystery.

The New Moon cannot help but become full, there is no force of nature that can turn it around from new to dark before it accomplishes its path through fullness.

Become the moon. Allow the cycles of your life to become manifest. Just follow the pull of what is natural. Drop all resistance to change. Allow, allow, allow.

New Moon Blessings, As Above, So Below!