The magical cupboard, the secret garden, the private journal, the mysterious woman slipping silently through the woods—these words may waken something within you, something that stirs deep within, a knowing so ancient that you may wish to turn away, or determine to explore further.

Are we not all fascinated by what makes the colors change on the tree, or the tides turn, or the herb give up its healing strength? Did we not, as children, devour books on fairies and magic, and create potions that only our mothers would drink? Were you one of those children who just knew that everything was “real”? Do you remember how you felt when you were a child, full of wonder and hope, knowing that all of creation is magical, and that everything has consciousness?

If you have forgotten, but want to remember, against the odds, against all admonitions, that grown-ups do indeed believe in such things, then you are in the right place. I believe that magic is real and nothing is impossible!

I am often asked how one would stock a magical cupboard, and by this I mean your own collection of magical tools that would assist you in your mystics’ journey.

When I began in the Wise Woman tradition, gathering tools for my practice was part of my awakening into developing my own style of magic. I practice as a Solitary and do not belong to a coven. I had only my own intuition and some books for guidance. There wasn’t opportunity to poke around through any other mystics’ collection. If you are beginning this journey without the support of a coven, take heart, a solitary journey can be deeply meaningful.

Stocking your magical cupboard is a great adventure! To be sure, the list can get lengthy, but you can start with a few things that you consider essential, and build on that. You may already have some of these things, some items can be found at any store in town, and others will have to be bought at a magical supply store. The list below is a starting point.

Create one area where you will store your magical supplies. You may not have a whole room to use for your practice, it may truly be a cupboard, or a box, or a few shelves in a closet. All space is sacred space. Treat all items with respect and care, having consecrated them to your work, and keeping them away from the hands of others. Your tools will assume your energy, and are, in essence, an extension of you. They will, after time, store your energy, becoming more and more powerful.

As you choose your tools, try to tap into your heart center, asking your inner knowing to guide you. If something does not feel right, even if it is pretty and affordable, don’t buy it.

The rest is here, my loves:

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