If the belief that we are all One is correct, then we are connected through an invisible, sacred matrix.

I operate on this belief via my spiritual path and also because I see evidence of it in the natural world. I don’t have scientific “proof” of such things, but this concept is key to the work of intuitives and energy healers. As such, it remains a relevant and important discussion for those in our community, as well as anyone who is interested in exploring these topics and experiencing alternative healing modalities.

We are all empathetic to energy fields around us; some people (empaths) are just more aware of their reactions to energy than others, and indeed, it can become overwhelming at times. As a working intuitive, I feel my way through life and often am privy to others’ thoughts and energies, which on any given day can include humans, plants, trees or animals. But I am not the only one who is highly intuitive, many people use their intuition as a natural guide through life.

When reading Tarot for people, I often get asked how one can detach themselves from the energy of someone they once loved. This question often relates to sexual relationships. It’s an important question, since previous relationships can deeply affect—and possibly destroy—new loves. Some of my clients are incredibly aware of their energetic connection to a past lover and it is of profound enough effect that they seek a clearing modality.

When we have sex with someone, whether or not we are emotionally committed to them, we merge energy fields, (aura absorption) and also, through bodily fluids and orgasm, we “imprint” lovers onto our emotional/spiritual bodies.

In my studies on Tantra, Sacred Sex and Kundalini Yoga, I have come across validation for my instincts about aura merging during sex. Yogi Bhajan speaks about a way that women can stay empowered during and after sexual contact; it’s opened my eyes to the many ways our energetic bodies are impacted during what we may view as simply a physical act.

I have performed my own energy severing rituals, for myself and for others. The effect is profound. Sometimes a client will ask, “Did this really happen, or do I feel different because I think we did something?”

If one is freed from the grasp of a previously inescapable energy, it does not matter—real is as real does, after all. If you are spiritually inclined to believe in energy merging, then this subject matter will resonate. If it does, let us proceed to the actual work.

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