“Reaching higher, going farther away from the settled, the routine life, you again become wild, you again become part of the animal world. You again live like a tiger or a lion, or like a river. You again soar like a bird into the skies, farther and farther away. And each moment, the security, the bank balance, the wife, the husband, the family, the society, the church, the respectability—all are fading away and away, distant and distant. You become alone.” ~ Osho, from Courage, The Joy of Living Dangerously

tyler stone

Some men are born feral.

Feral men have always walked the solitary path, off to the side of the norm, rejecting other people’s projections of who they should be.

Wild men live to breathe air that belongs to no-one else. And if that will mean a life of solitude, then so be it.

A wild man will not compromise.

A wild man is determined. His purpose on earth is like that of the forest beast, to roam, to seek shelter away from the confines of society, to adventure with a life fully lived as the end result.

He will not be boxed into another’s beliefs. He will not succumb to the usual ravages of the human soul. He has too many mountains to conquer and too many rivers to swim to live a life of quiet desperation, chasing a traditional dream.

Such a man hones his body with physical activity, his strength is his livelihood. Wild men like to turn trees into furniture, rocks into shelters and prefer to do so with their bare hands. They can feel the sacred energy of the material in their hands and that energy feeds their imagination and their skill.

Wild men think deep, love unconditionally and speak only when they feel the need to. Otherwise, they protect their feral nature under brooding eyes and sensitive smiles.

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