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“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ~ W.B. Yeats

It’s no secret that faeries are part of our lives here in Middle Earth.

I’ve been working with elemental beings in my garden for years. My first encounter with faeries (collectively called “the Fey”) came as a child, in, of course, books. I believed in them wholeheartedly, as children are wont to do, because they are fresh from the Other Side and still remember those dimensions that cannot be readily seen with our limited human perception.

I am a student of quantum physics and alchemy, and as such have read that we are aware of a very small bit of our surroundings. I mean, an infinitesimal bit.  We think that what is real is seen by the eye, whereas many magical realms co-exist with us here on earth, unseen and underestimated.

From angels and plant divas to faeries, our world is full of companion beings. We only need to open our intuition and a desire for the unusual, to tap into their energy.

My childhood fascination with faeries was re-awoken when I read about and visited the Findhorn Garden in Northern Scotland. I went there looking for evidence of our ability to live in community and to learn how they had co-operated with nature spirits in the growing of their vegetables and flowers. It was the first time I heard of adults speaking with enthusiasm and conviction about faeries other than in books.

In a series of serendipitous events—one of which was realizing that I could sense plants and animals communicating—I followed an inner urge to study mysticism, and I began my walk as a solitary hedge witch. My garden flourished as I spoke with and listened to the faery realm daily, seeking their advice and creating a space that they would enjoy co-existing in with me.

Faeries and other elemental beings work tirelessly to keep the natural world in order and from collapsing around our ears. They have always, and still do, rely on the co-operation of humans with this effort, especially now, when the planet is ravaged by our insatiable need for resources.

The fact is, we are not very careful with our planet.

The greatest presence of faery life that I have felt and seen has been on my trips to England, Scotland and Wales. But the more I attune to their energy here in Canada, I realize that once our willingness to connect is awoken, contact will be made.

All you have to do is believe.

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