Towards the Winter Solstice I begin to feel a yearning to connect with the energy of ‘holly’. It is quintessentially winter-ish. Along with ‘ivy’ it moves something in me that burns like a slow hot fire, snaking it’s way upward  like the Kundalini energy rising along my spine.

Although it is generally accepted that the time of the winter solstice speaks of tapping into our dreams and introspective activities, I myself feel the awakening of passionate pursuits, cultivating them towards an inevitable reality by the Spring Equinox.

Holly does burn hot, tis true. Carefully, I tend to the projects at hand and look forward to the evenings spent by the crackling fire, books piled around, pen and journal ready for inspired words. The imagery of the shiny green leaves and the red berries takes me back to something quite old and hidden directly from my view. No matter that I am not entirely privy to the memories of a lifetime past when holly was my guide. She still takes my hand and leads me down the magical path. I must remember to plant some come springtime. Ivy will be her companion, they can play their games when the moon is full. And I will drum to their mischief, releasing their power to the evening sky.