Scorpio: October 21 – November 22

Scorpio, a fixed sign that likes to harness and organize energy, operates under the influence of Pluto—a mysterious heavenly body that causes irregularities in the orbits of other planets.

Not surprisingly, Scorpio is blamed for its own shenanigans among the other sun signs.

A water sign, Scorpio is a natural empath, with a secretive nature.

Representing sex, death and the Underworld, this sun sign is enigmatic, vulnerable, emotional, private and given to spiritual pursuits.

Often misunderstood, Scorpio is a deep, mysterious river that never fails to charm and lives with complete passion for the moment.

Other traits attributed to Scorpio include; transformation, loyalty and a desire to dispel taboos—often by indulging in those forbidden activities. We’re just never going to be too well behaved.

Because Scorpio rules the area of sex and the reproductive organs and concerns itself with emotions, those of us who fall under this sign often need support in our lower chakras.

In my every day as a solitary witch and a Scorpio, I have relied on certain crystals to find balance both physically and emotionally.

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