sun gazing

“The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the whole world’s joy.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

Have you heard of sun gazing?

I first heard about it when I got into earthing—the health boosting habit of walking barefoot upon the earth. The more people I talked to about earthing, the more I heard about sun gazing. Not surprisingly, these two lifestyle habits draw the same crowd.

And what could be more natural and seemingly beneficial than harnessing the power of natural forces to boost spiritual and physical health?

Earthing uses the influence of the Earth’s negative ions to boost immunity; basically tapping into the planet’s vibrational frequency to boost your own.

Sun gazing uses the process of photosynthesis, same as plants and trees do, to nourish and heal the body.

Sun gazing should be practiced—you guessed it—while barefoot as much as is possible.

From my circle of “earthers” I learned about Hira Ratan Manek (HRM)Hira, the founder of Solar Healing centers teaches about sun gazing and it’s benefits.

I am interested in using sun gazing as a natural way to improve and prolong my life. I’ve been using earthing for pain relief (long distance walking injuries) and increased energy with great effect, so why not try sun gazing?

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