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Guess Who I Interviewed? All the Wise Women.

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Musings | 0 comments

I’ve got to catch you up, because I’ve fallen behind in posting the interviews I’ve been doing.

Confession… video makes me bonkers!

Confession two… I’ve had to get over myself.

Here’s the thing. I am so inspired by the deep intelligence, heart and soul of the women who have agreed to sit in conversation with me that it’s allowing me to grow into the role of podcast host.

Sure, I’m a bit quirky in my style of interview, but this is not about me. It’s about the wisdom, laughter and love shared.

So here’s the catch-up! Browse through the titles below then hop on over to my YouTube channel and listen away.

Follow me, there’s lots more to come.

Conversations With The Universe


Conversations With the Universe


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