As I write this, I contemplate the many synchronicities that brought me to Kauai during this Full Moon.

The Hawaiian Islands are thought to be the archipelago left above water after the ancient continent of Lemuria sank into the Pacific Ocean some 12,000 years ago. The Polynesian story-tellers talk of a land called Mu, where the inhabitants, highly spiritual people connected to the land and functioning primarily through the use of their Third Eye, worked with crystalline energy to preserve ancient knowledge underground.

Today’s Shaman’s still have access to this information, and all Aboriginal civilizations surviving to this day are ancestors of the Lemurians.

So while I have been watching the moon approach its fullness the last few days over the South Pacific, I have been able to connect with guides new to me, and gather insights about this very special Full Moon occurring on the magical number of 2/22 in the earthy sign of Virgo.

So many of us have been feeling as if we’ve been torn from our anchors and flung around wondering what in heaven’s name is going on as the natural order of things do not seem to work for us anymore.

We’re feeling ungrounded, confused – things that normally brought us joy now seem strangely unsatisfying and we feel compelled to begin a journey…but what?

Don’t worry, this is all a normal part of ascension. If you signed up to be a light worker, there is no turning back now. You are being called. If you are just waking up to the fact that you are a light worker, it may be a bit overwhelming, but suffice it to say, that before we find the road we are to walk on, we sometimes lose our way momentarily, as if our feet were wearing new shoes that don’t quite fit on a bumpy road leading to a place we’ve never been.

When I was a teenager, I would often get a feeling that would plague me for days on end. The feeling was primarily that I knew I wanted something, needed something, was feeling something, but I had no idea what it was, the ‘thing’ was illusive. I felt a very vacuous emotion in my heart center, and try as I might to grasp it, there was no name for it.

Now I know it as a sign of expansion. Whenever I am ready for more input, as I call it, from Spirit, I open at heart center to allow it to enter. If you are feeling this sometimes overwhelming sensation recently, (as I know many of you have from your correspondence) take heart -pun intended – Luna has cleared space for the growth of spirit.

There is no doubt in my mind that the only way to create change on this planet is to create change within ourselves. Whatever comes from the act of working on our own being-ness, is a result of that endeavor. People try to argue this point, but every single conversation with my guides leads me back to this – “Monika, if you want to see a difference, you have to become it, don’t try to make other people into what you cannot be.” Ouch.

So you see, when Luna calls and clears space and creates havoc by opening you up to more of what you can be, we can only listen or suffer the intensity of Her magic.

This Full Moon arrives on the date 2/22/2016. Adding up the digits we arrive at the number 6, an earthy, mystical number found in many forms in nature – such as the honeycomb for instance. Six connects the Above and Below, Spirit and the Mundane; a powerhouse for creativity, love and union.

Why then are we feeling vulnerable and disconnected while such an earthy, seemingly grounding number coincides a Full Moon?

Without getting into a lengthy discourse about Sacred Geometry, the number 6 or the hexagon it represents, also challenges humans to recognize their Divinity. And this, my loves, is what we are constantly expanding into – the recognition of ourselves as so much more than physical beings. It can be uncomfortable, because being human is so damn difficult sometimes that we become dis-engaged with our spiritual experience. Not that there is anything wrong with the physical side of us, that needs to be fully honored – but the Moon reminds us of where we came from and why we’re here.

There are a few things that Luna would remind us of on this February 22:

* Awaken to any calls from your heart center for signs of shifting. You may have been doing things a certain way for a long time, and these new stirrings of your heart and imagination are perplexing and sometimes frightening, but you are never called in vain. There are things you must do, places that need exploring, even if they are all internal. The decision is yours. Take the path not discovered or stay in your comfort zone.

* As much a Luna is a female energy, She is protective and loving of the Masculine, after all the Sun is her Lover. Whenever I see harmful male behavior, I am reminded that only the wounded male acts out against the Feminine. We are not responsible for the behavior of the Masculine but we are to remain nurturing and loving. Boundaries? Yes! But we will never move forward in healing what has been happening for centuries between men and women if we do not walk in forgiveness and love. There is no more room for war, starvation or deprivation of spirit. Allow Luna to transmute the fear filled Piscean Age into the more generous Age of Aquarius.

* Commit to your own journey, your relationships and the harmony that earthy Virgo loves so much. No-one else can make the decision for you to follow your heart. Whatever Luna is showing you, in vision, dreams, through things you read or write, you must commit to the whole of it for it to manifest. Don’t let the unknown stop you from your search. There will be upheavals, I promise you. There will be painful processes as you uncover parts of yourself that may even shock you or your family. So mote it be. As above so below. What your spirit needs must become fully flesh.

No-one is going to come and save us and gift us with a beautiful new world that we neither worked for nor helped to co-create. We would not appreciate such a thing, nor would we be able to sustain it. We can certainly ask for wisdom in how to create our own personal worlds and also help heal the world at large, but we should not abdicate from our own part in it.

The world is as you are. This is not a statement of guilt but one of encouragement to be the best you can be. Luna shines bright on us this month to illuminate our potential.

Follow in Virgo’s example and stay grounded as much as possible. Sink your feet into the dirt. Let your hands, eyes and spirit touch nature on a regular basis. Stay connected to who you are -a child of the Universe.

As for me, I will be bathing in the womb of my mother, the Ocean, this full moon. I will bring you with me, for a cleansing dip into the magic of the salty waters of the South Pacific. I will sit under the sacred mountain of Bali H’ai and send prayers for anyone who needs them.

Happy Full Moon, my loves!