The Full Moon in Virgo – March 1. 2018.

I’ve been feeling the absence of a Full Moon in February quite poignantly, have you?

There were two full moons in January, and March will have the same. The eclipse season is in full swing, with a full lunar eclipse during the last Full Moon on January 31st, and a partial solar eclipse during the New Moon on February 15th.

March is a powerhouse of cosmic events, with Spring Equinox on the 21/22nd, and the next Full Moon, March 31 in Libra.

But wait! There is also Mercury Retrograde, fully stationed during the 22nd and 23rd, with pre and post shadow phases stretching from March 8 to May 4.

Get ready for all the feels!

2018 promised to be a breakthrough year in many aspects and it is! For many of us, this year has already brought relationships to a dramatic renovation or an end. Emotions are definitely at the forefront. In opposition to Neptune, this Full Moon brings up the challenges common to any intimate relationship, be it with a partner, a family member or friend. It’s a powerful opportunity to check our triggers, habits and responses.

Another aspect of this moon is its relationship to Saturn, which generously allows us to be responsible for how we act and react in our relationships these next two weeks.

Remember that we are in relationship to all things, nature, the air, the planets, governments, society in general…your breath. So when the Moon and Mercury open pathways and deliver medicine which expand us into our best Self, we can either shrink back and not step into our shadow work, blaming the planets, or we can be kind to ourselves and the process, and move through the energy to the other side.

All these cosmic cycles are doing is bringing us back to ourselves. That’s it. They’re teaching that we are enough, that we are valuable, that we have purpose, that we are part of the mystery, and to find joy in the flow. This flow will never abandon us. We are the flow.

When we see ourselves outside of the flow, us here and the planets and their antics there…we lose perspective and delve into polarity. Beyond Polarity Consciousness is Unity.

I invite you to meditate, this Full Moon, on how you and the Moon and Mercury and the Sun and the Stars are all ONE. Breathe into that.

Invite these deep cosmic waters to show up as an ally, and bring to you visions of expansive possibilities!

As we grow in light towards Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere or Autumn in the South, its perfect timing for looking forward to the gifts of either season, and preparing by journaling how the previous three months have changed and empowered us for the present moment.

Happy Full Moon darlings! See you on the other side.

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