The effects of the full moon are said to be expansive, electric; chaotic. They can plunge us into all kinds of emotional states. When the moon opposes the sun, the magnetic energy created is not only shared by those two cosmic bodies but is felt also within our own.

The full moon illuminates and makes clear the path before us.

This month, one day after the 11:11 Gateway, Luna in Taurus brings us grounding energy to help us balance the high frequency vibrations felt deep within our cells.

You’re not imagining it, something is happening. When we are illuminated, we are invited to look with honesty at our deepest shadows, and because we are mirrors of the greater world, we look to the wounding of our planet and determine where to be of benefit. We can step into a dual purpose; alchemise our own soul, alchemise the collective soul.

We are refreshed at the full moon, our dreams are ripe, we have the light we need to see ahead and plan the next cycle.

Because our cells are water and function through electrical impulses, we can react strongly to such powerful energy. Many people feel unbalanced or chaotic, unsure of what they’re feeling, ungrounded. Full Moon in Taurus brings strong earth energy, and steers us in the direction of having both feet planted firmly in the present.

Another aspect is the moon’s position opposite Mercury, currently in retrograde. The potential for miscommunications, rifts in family and love relationships is certainly amplified. Moon trine Saturn gives emotional stability however, while Moon trine Pluto allows us to feel deeply into others and find the compassion needed to resolve matters.

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The 11:11 Gateway

Gateways and Portals are much more than interesting arrangements of numbers.

How can we co-create with the energy of the 11:11 Portal of 2019?

What is it anyway?

The number 11 is a master number holding the frequency of illumination and divinity. It is a reminder of our roots in the stars, that we are infinite spiritual beings and the balance between polarities, left and right brain, masculine and feminine, love and absence of love, light and dark, etc.

11 also speaks of synchronicity in our lives, can signal the arrival of a twin flame, an opportunity, the beginning or ending of something.

Because this particular portal heralds the rise of the full moon in Taurus, it is particularly illuminating.

What is being illuminated currently is the huge chasm between old paradigms and new, structures that no longer align with the awakening 5D consciousness, fear based politics, un-supportive relationships, greed-driven business, etc.

We can be part of the shift when living through the heart and raising our personal vibration to one of love, positivity and compassion.

Committing to such action, thought and emotion will smooth the transition between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. Every single one of us has the opportunity to be part of this shift, should we choose it.

We are on the cusp of this shift, (an approximated 500 year cycle). All transitional periods contains growing pains, and the illumination of the discomfort felt when being in awareness of what no longer serves. But we can move through this with grace.

What to do on 11:11

The best way to integrate any new information filtering through from the cosmos on 11:11 is to be in silence. There is nothing to DO. Just be.

INTEND to be a clear channel for any and all direct messages, cellular upgrades, clearing of your light-body.

Song is another way to absorb consciousness shifts. Either meditating to high frequency music/mantra/chanting, or actual singing of.

Watch and listen for signs meant to reveal any occult (hidden) messages that your soul is now ready to witness. They may come in the form of an animal guide or spirit guide. You may meet someone who will play a significant role in your life. Be open to seemingly random opportunity.

Stay grounded via the energy of Taurus. Feet planted on Pacha Mama.

#7 (add up 11.11.2019) the Mysterious Feminine, reminds us to stay in flow and intuition. Too much structure creates a very stagnant world.

This gateway is significant to those who are participating in it.

You are the alchemist, the one who can shift realities; the change.

Be here NOW.