This is the year of transformation!

If we were in any doubt as 2016 unfolded, we are getting the full picture now. After several months of engagement with powerful astrological and spiritual energies, this year is in full gear to produce profound changes.

Let’s talk about the intensity that has had us in a vice-like grip for the last 12 weeks. While my guides predicted shifts in the earth’s crust back in January, they also spoke of how these shifts would be precipitated.

We live in constant conversation with Gaia, our Earth Mother. She responds to our spiritual shifts with shifts in her body. There is nothing that happens on the planet that first did not happen on the astral plane and within our emotional being.

As we release and shift to a higher vibration so does She, and recently we saw evidence of this with several devastating earthquakes within the Pacific Ring of Fire. As we accept a higher role on our spiritual journey, our ‘birthing of consciousness’ is released through the Earth’s crust.

Remember the alchemical term, As Above, So Below. I speak of it often. We are creatures of the natural world. As such, we are bound by the laws of nature, and nature works through symbiotic synchronicity. Whatever we think, feel, and create on the emotional and spiritual level, will eventually affect our physical body, and then, extend further to affect the movements of the planet.

Since the gathering pressure from Mercury’s first retrograde a couple of months back, subsequent full moons and the Spring Equinox, we, the people of the planet, have been aching to come into our creativity. We are at the apex of expression now. A more powerful spring has not been seen on the planet since 2012, when time stopped and the Mayan prediction of a New Age came to light. (But more on that another time)

We are a new people now. Are we not more and more aware of the power of Love, and drifting powerfully to a gathering of the tribes? We once were divided at every corner of the world, now we find our strength as all tribes break bread together and share the planet as One.

Scorpio rules this Full Moon. and what a moon it is! Ensconced as it is between the retrogrades of both Pluto and Mars – rulers of war, death and transformation, and Mercury’s Retrograde in Taurus – a more stabilizing and practical force – Luna allows no time for second guessing our path.

I am a Scorpio, and am buoyed by the intensity of it’s foibles. Scorpio likes to reveal, sift the bullshit from the truth, it employs sexual tension as a path to transformation. The build-up of tension is extreme in the planetary realm right now. There is no wonder that Gaia heaved so violently, quaking under the desire to birth possibility.

It is difficult to make peace with all the destruction that affects those in earthquake zones. We live on a breathing being, and we live and die by Her need to regulate her own stresses. It has been heartening to see the prayers and help that has been sent to the families and countries affected. And while it looks bleak at the outset, if we stand back, it is yet another lesson in love and compassion.

While the Moon in is Scorpio, stirring up change, the Sun lies in Taurus, to complement Mercury’s earthy transit with the Bull. We can expect the practical, strong, virile, powerful Bull to complement the Scorpion’s sometimes devastating energy. There is no doubt that dreams will be born to those who are ready to step into them.

And that is the crux of what is happening for us these heady days.

We will either step boldly forward and embrace changes big and small, but mainly big as I look around at the lives of friends and relations, or we will enter a long period of stagnation until the next forceful planetary gathering.

Sometimes, we wait a long time for the planets to be aligned so that we can act on sacred visions. Some times we wait too long.

Now is not the time to wait. Now is the time for action. My guides advise that there will be a summer time lull and then once more, the planet and us along with her will make another bold transition. But it will be a time of completion, while now is definitely the time for forward movement.

Whatever you’ve been pondering changing in your life, consider doing it now.

The Full moon falls on Earth Day, with no coincidence. Consider your connection to, and direct effect on, the planet. You are not a tiny spec in a universe of spinning galaxies. You are the Universe. What you think and do matters immensely. You are the Change.

In this the year of the powerful Number 9, 04/22/2016 adds up to, not surprisingly, the number 8. It is Infinity, and the balancing energy that can destroy and create with equal efficiency.

Let us harness the momentum that the past few months have afforded us and balancing our practical and whimsical natures, create like there is no tomorrow. Because now is all that truly exists.

With much love to you…

Namaste in the light of all that is good and well in this world.