“Why do you love the moon so?” she asked, peering at me over her glasses, sipping coffee from one of those mugs that allow you to hug them with your whole hands.

“The moon connects me to the gentle flow of life, to the remembrance of my own cycles, physical and emotional, to staying mindful of the fact that I am nature. She is my faithful compass. When I am in touch with the cosmos, I am in touch with myself.”

I am quite intimate with moons in Scorpio, with my sun and moon in the same sign. Whenever a Scorpio moon transits my life, I find myself in times of deep introspection and soon after, change! Perhaps you too are under the gravitational pull of present cosmic conditions?

Here is What You Can Expect from This Month’s Full Moon  

If a moon was ever both expansive and grounding, this is it!

On May 18th, the Full Moon in Scorpio shines awareness on areas dealing with revelation and transformation. Saturn and Pluto, Retrograde in Capricorn, add in elements of grounding and earthy sensibility.

Whether your relationship with the moon is practical or poetic, its movements through the heavens will touch something of your watery nature. It is a fact that we, like the ocean, are affected by gravity, and that gravity is affected by the moon. The deeper one allows for the mystical connections between humanity and forces of nature, the more we can create mindful rituals for our everyday lives.

We all have certain rituals. They may involve coffee, or meditation or the way we do our laundry. I like rituals that call in the mysteries. They keep me aware of something deeper than my own worries, expectations or mundane happenings. Indeed, with Luna as my ally, I acknowledge that the mundane is mystery as much as it is what shapes my existence.

The Full Moon is illuminatory. It is a culmination. We are attracted to it because deep down we crave to know ourselves better. Scorpio knows exactly how to scuttle through the caverns of our inner being, how to excavate through those shadows and find a way to existential transformation.

What I love about following Luna through her phases, is how she mimics our own unfolding. Just before new moon we emerge from that one day a month when we can rest in complete shadow – Dark Moon on May 4th brought the perfect energy for stillness and contemplation. It was a momentary pause on the treadmill of life, permission to just be, and forgo action. Since then, each sliver of the waxing moon awoke new dream seeds. It stirred us into planting those seeds somewhere within our consciousness. Each cycle of the moon is like a mini year. Spring at new moon, Summer at full moon, Autumn at waning moon, Winter at Dark Moon. We wax, we wane, we open and fold, we cocoon, we transform.

Although Scorpio is a water sign, it is also a fixed sign. It has flow but desires stability. The moon and Scorpio are natural partners. They evoke and hold space in a most magical manner.

Pay attention to relationships at this full moon. Where are they stripping down in order to elevate your connection with each other? Are you hiding or ignoring words that need speaking? What needs holding to the light? Oh, this is not the time to pretend that what you feel to be true in your bones can be covered over by busy, busy, busy. Sit down with your partner, mother, brother, friend and be real. This is perfect timing for listening to each other.

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image: Flavio Gasperini on Unsplash