**Full Moon Friday November 23 at 0° Gemini in the Pleiades Star Cluster

**Sun enters Sagittarius

Ugh. It’s been so easy to feel the heaviness of the last few weeks…wait, maybe months?

Venus in Retrograde… complete havoc. Mercury in Retrograde… I won’t even tell you the lunacy with communication around here. I’ve been feeling angry, overwhelmed. (Mars square Jupiter).

I thought I was walking around chanting, being positive, but my partner says it was more like ranting. Really? Om Shakti Om and all that.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama of it all, to focus on what’s going wrong… said partner got rear-ended today. He’s ok! My computer is working on it’s own agenda and schedule. I seem to be waffling between being overjoyed and optimistic to feeling desperately inadequate. This is not my normal. My normal is chin up, carry on, yada, yada.

But November is like that. All claws and spit and sputter and dragging us down to the Underworld for transformations of the soul.

This Full Moon reminds us of our path. Are we being mindful, of service, on-purpose, in integrity, open to change?

The longest day of the year arrives shortly at Solstice, and so it makes perfect sense that we are still in the depths of introspection and our shadows. It is not yet time for the light of January to uplift us from these doldrums, because there is still work to be done, my friend, in matters of transmuting trauma, releasing old grudges, doing mirror work and the like. Breathe deep and take yet another dive under the murky waters of your consciousness. What needs illumination with this full moon?

For me, it is facing deep seated fear and unnecessary beliefs. I choose to sit in it and find the eye of the storm. It will not last forever. Soon the skies will clear. Better to do this work now then carry it forward to the new year.

We are all just travelers here, temporarily on this journey. The best we can do is support each other on the path. A kind word, a smile, a helping hand, a phone-call, a shared task… so much can be accomplished when we see each other with love in our hearts.

Full Moon blessings Wild Ones. ?


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